Install YoGA Ao

This page will guide you through the process of installing YoGA_Ao up and running on your machine

Install YoGA

To run YoGA_Ao, you need to have the YoGA plugin properly installed. Go to this webpage : Install YoGA to check the installation process.

To use the GTK GUI features of YoGA_Ao, you additionally need to have pygtk installed. The best way to do so (under macports or fink on mac os or under linux) is to get glade-3 installed. All the required libraries will be installed as a side effect.

Install YoGA_Ao

Once YoGA is running on your machine

  • You have to contact us in order to get a binary library
  • Download the necessary yorick files

then go into the freshly created yoga_ao directory and type :

yorick -batch make.i


make && make install

will get you up and running !

from this point you can use yoga_ao in scripts (see ao_scripts.i for some examples) by juste including yoga_ao in a yorick session :

yorick -i yoga_ao.i

or you can use the GUI features by typing in the yoga_ao directory :

yorick -i ywidgets/widget_wfs.i

Please refer to the features page for more information.

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