SuTrA features

The SuTrA API is composed of a collection of C++ classes, representing numerically the various components of the model describing an AO system and its environment. This classes include standard methods corresponding to the production of typical output of this models (i.e. phase screens for the atmosphere, spots for the Shack-Hartmann) as well as utilities to load appropriate data to components of these classes residing on the GPU. Additionally, a number of routines are available for general use.

The SuTrA API is not self-consistent. To avoid introducing too much complexity in the C++ code, SuTrA targets only the most intensive part of the simulation of an AO system : the computation of a single iteration of the AO loop. Initializing the geometry of a system (WFS model, DM model, etc ...) requires computations that are done a single time at the beginning of a simulation and that can be rather complex in terms of data management. There are not included in SuTrA.

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